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Ekaterina (Katya) Shirobokova

VCDNP Intern


Ekaterina (Katya) Shirobokova, VCDNP Intern

Ekaterina (Katya) Shirobokova joined the VCDNP as a Research Intern in March 2017. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Relations majoring in strategic studies at Saint Petersburg State University. Her research interests include multilateral nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament efforts. In particular, she is interested in the role of nuclear-weapon-free-zones, international non-proliferation and disarmament negotiations, challenges related to the Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty, the activities of the Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean (OPANAL), Argentine-Brazilian cooperation and the policy of Latin American states in the field of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. Katyais fluent in Russian and English and has basic knowledge of Spanish.