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Minji Kim

VCDNP Intern


Minji Kim, VCDNP Intern

Minji Kim is an Intern at the VCDNP. She joined the Center on 1 February 2018, completing her Master’s degree program on East Asian Economy and Society (EcoS) at the University of Vienna. Subsequent to her research on North Korea’s nuclear weapons development programme and the Six Party Talks, she is currently writing her thesis on cyber security for nuclear power plants in East Asia. She holds a double degree in History and Science & Technology Studies from Korea University, and has also worked in publicity and event marketing. Prior to joining the VCDNP, she gained experience as a Research Intern at the Peace Network based in Seoul, South Korea. At the Peace Network, she contributed articles and policy reports on national security matters and assisted domestic and global campaigns and workshops on military spending, disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation.

Minji’s research interests focus on institutional mechanisms to enhance regional security, peaceful uses of nuclear energy, and information technology controlling critical national infrastructure.