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Fall 2017 VCDNP Post-Doctoral/Sabbatical Fellowship Programme

The VCDNP invites applications for its Post-Doctoral/Sabbatical Fellowship programme
Apply by or before: 15 August 2017
A World in Disarray: Implications for Vienna

A World in Disarray: Implications for Vienna

On 5-6 May 2017, the VCDNP and CNS held its fourth diplomatic workshop in Krems, Austria, bringing together diplomats and experts to discuss today's pressing challenges.
NATO's Enduring Commitment to the NPT

NATO’s Enduring Commitment to the Non-Proliferation Treaty

On 05 May, NATO Deputy Secretary-General Rose Gottemoeller and Mr. William Alberque discussed the importance of the NPT to NATO Allies and provided an historic overview of the NPT negotiations.
Where the Wind Blew

“Where the Wind Blew”

On 10 April, the VCDNP and CTBTO co-organized a film screening and panel discussion. The event also featured the launch of the NPR special edition dedicated to the CTBT.
Cruise Control

Cruise Control: Can We End Nuclear-Armed Cruise Missiles Globally?

On 11 April 2017, VCDNP hosted a seminar with Hon. Andy Weber and Christine Parthemore.

The European Non-Proliferation and Security Initiative (ENSI), VCDNP

The VCDNP is launching the European Non-Proliferation and Security Initiative (ENSI) which will be led by Ian Stewart.
Global Catastrophic Risks 2017

Global Catastrophic Risks 2017

VCDNP Senior Fellow Angela Kane contributes to the Global Challenges Foundation's annual analysis of greatest threats to humanity, with her assessment focused on chemical and biological weapons.
Nuclear diplomacy and the NPT

Nuclear diplomacy and the NPT

VCDNP Research Fellow Sitara Noor provides an assessment of the 2017 NPT PrepCom that was held in Vienna in her latest article in The Express Tribune.